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Hello stranger and welcome to my corner of the Web-Universe! I am an IT consultant in the areas of Java and software development, and my main hobbies are photography and digital imaging.

I was born in Bulgaria in the early 70's. After graduating from the English Language School there, I continued my studies in the USA where I earned a Bachelor's degree from Furman University and a Master's degree from Purdue University. Since 1999 I live in Hamburg, Germany.

My interest in photography developed in 1997 after I purchased a second-hand Pentax SuperProgram and an A 50/2 lens. I then added a few more lenses, extension tubes, a flash and a tripod, and soon I was calling myself a photo enthusiast. However I now recognize that back then I was purely interested in the optics and mechanics of photography.

I was also playing with computers at that time and learning HTML, so I started putting up some Pentax content on the Web. First came a table listing all K-mount lenses, then I added all K-mount bodies and in a few years I had almost complete information on all Pentax-made K-mount equipment. Strangely enough, I never got into collecting, and I do not own a lot of photographic equipment.

Fast forward to 2002. After five years of hard work, the KMP had matured and I had time for photography again. In 2003, after Pentax's very slow start in digital, I switched to Canon and once again got obsessed with (digital SLR) technology. But in 2006, almost overnight, I lost that interest and since then focus purely on producing good images. What can I say — I am much happier that way!

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